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First off it looks incredible and runs at poe
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First off it looks incredible and runs at poe
First off it looks incredible and runs at a rock-solid frame-rate. In fact, with news dropping recently that the game will be enhanced for the upcoming Xbox One X console to support 4K cheap poe exalted orbs visuals, those that were expecting a noticeable visual downgrade from the current PC release are in for a surprise. Path of Exile on a vanilla Xbox One features the same great visual and effect detail as seen in the PC release. It’s something that no doubt the development team spent quite a bit of time working on to get right, and when you add in the almost spot-on combat feel, Path of Exile on Xbox One is an impressive port.

Like Diablo III, it feels more like a re-imagining once you get to walk your character around the screen and feel the immediacy of engaging with enemies and triggering skills and abilities with the new controller-based, err, control scheme. And with many visually impressive skills on offer, it adds a new visceral layer to taking out hordes of monsters. Of course, this comes from the position of countless hours spent playing Diablo III. And only a handful with buy poe exalted orbs on PC. But it goes without saying that this style of game works well on console. And has a different enough feel, neither worse or better, that it would ultimately come down to personal preference.

But as we’re talking about a beta release, Path of Exile on console is not perfect by any stretch. Outside of the obvious bugs and quests that fail to trigger certain events, stuff that is typical beta fare, some of the combat and skill use feels a little off exalted orbs . For example, some melee hits fail to hit even register when you’re standing right next to an enemy and spawning defensive totems often places them in awkward locations. Rendering those skills somewhat useless. Two problems that don’t exist when utilising a mouse and keyboard. And two problems that we hope get addressed in time for the official release.See more of these in https://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds here now...well done!
19-01-2018 04:15
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