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This AXE quickly became one of my favorite uniques
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This AXE quickly became one of my favorite uniques
This AXE quickly became one of buy poe exalted orbs my favorite uniques upon its release, and I have played around with a few different build styles with it. This AXE is mighty due to the fact it has a built-in Molten Burst skill that has a 20% chance to proc on hit. This Skill is very similar to Molten Strike, tossing three molten balls out on proc.

Now since this skill gem is built into the weapon, we can place six support gems into the Weapon UNLINKED, and they will support the molten burst. Giving you a useful 7 Link!

Now after making my Brutus Lead Sprinkler build back in 2.6 and a Ngamahu's Cyclone in 2.5, I wanted to see how will this AXE's Molten Burst synergized with exalted orbs Molten Strike, mainly to see how many balls per second we could get! So along with the AXE, we will be using two Wildfire jewels to add even MORE balls to the mix! I will get into the specifics of how many shots we will be throwing out in the coming section, but for now, let’s get into how this build works and what it is capable of!

As a note, all of the footage seen in this video is done on a four-link Cyclone with Fortify and a six-link Molten Strike swapping Fire Penetration for Fortify in some cheap exalted orbs scenarios, along with a+3 Molten Strike Projectiles helmet and average gear to keep it budget friendly.See more of these in http://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds here now..so thanks, well done!
28-12-2017 08:26
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