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The Electric inspector grants only two installation
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The Electric inspector grants only two installation
In 2001 Wholesale Nevin Lawson Jersey , data collected by the U.S. Energy Information Administration indicated that heaters used in hot tubs, spas, and pools accounted for approximately 2,300 kWh of electrical use per household annually. That added up to a combined 7.6 billion kWh in the approximately 3.3 million households where the units were present. At the current national average cost of electricity ($.12 per kWh), that's about $276 per year, per household. Since it's safe to assume that the number of hot tubs, spas, and pools in the country has increased over the last decade, that's a staggering amount of dollars and power going toward heating water.

Solar pool heaters, which are easily priced competitive with gas and heat pump units Wholesale Travis Swanson Jersey , can substantially reduce energy use in this area while lowering power bills and offering fewer maintenance issues. Unlike the photovoltaic cells with which most consumers are familiar, solar pool heaters use a thermal solar configuration. Basically, water from the pool passes through a filter to remove debris before circulating through a solar collector where heating occurs. A pump circulates the water, which is diverted back to the pool itself with a manual or automatic flow-control valve. The most sophisticated units include temperature sensing devices that only circulate the water when heating to maintain a pre-determined temperature is required.

These solar systems come in either glazed or unglazed models. Unglazed units work best in regions where the temperature stays above freezing. They consist of heavy-duty rubber or plastic tubing treated with chemicals to withstand ultraviolet light. Glazed systems are protected by an iron-tempered glass covering and are made of copper tubing mounted on an aluminum plate. Equipped with heat exchangers and transfer fluids, these systems capture heat more efficiently during cold weather, but can also be used year round in most climates. They are more expensive, but can also be adapted for domestic water heating. (Note that both types of systems should include freeze protection in given regions.)

Estimated cost of the components and their installation is $3,000 to $4,000 with an expected payback on the investment in 1.5 to 7 years depending on location and annual electrical rates. The systems are largely maintenance free. Washing to maximize heat penetration is recommended and homeowners should consider the caveat that any pump or pipe can become clogged by debris if the system's filter is breached.

Homeowners interested in solar pool heaters should evaluate their site to ensure that a collector can be placed at the correct angle relative to their longitude and latitude to receive optimum sun. Most likely working in concert with a professional, determine how large the collector should be and investigate relevant local building codes and homeowner's association covenants before proceeding. The estimated operational life for a solar pool heater is 10 to 20 years Wholesale Tavon Wilson Jersey , offering an excellent long-term return on the investment in both material costs and annual energy savings.
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Residential solar energy continues to fall in price and become more available to the average homeowner. Get the facts on home solar power from HowToSaveElectricity.net

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In the February 2004 issue of Sporting Clays, Randy Lawrence wrote a superb article titled Respect For The Game. This insightful, gritty piece poses some soul-searching questions to those of us who partake of the wing and clay sports?inspire their traditions?shape our future. Sometimes a message is so important, and so well stated, it bears repeating. This is one of those times. I hope Randy will look kindly on my comments and pray that my remarks will do justice to the bulls-eye relevance of Randy?s observations.

Randy said, ?Respecting yourself means that whether you succeed or fail, you?ve given yourself the best chance, doing things the right way.?

With the 8 AM flight underway we?re on deck at field 3. Frustration emanating from every pore, the shooter steps up and loads two shells. He swipes at the mini and searches in vain for the second target. Lost, lost Wholesale Quandre Diggs Jersey , followed by 0XX0. Stepping back, he turns to the scorekeeper and points accusingly at the menu. It says midi, not mini. The busy scorekeeper apologizes profusely for the error, but also points out politely that the shooter had declined the invitation to see the show pair.

There?d been ample time and opportunity to view the presentation and ask questions. Truth is, the missing had little to do with the menu and was more about his utter failure to respect the very game of sporting itself.

Wincing after a miss or a disappointing performance is a very natural response to our discontent with ourselves, a constructive venting process. But it doesn?t include behavior that shuns every sliver of accountability?preaching about course inadequacies and dispensing blame in every direction.

As day two of the four-day tournament came to a close, a shooter approached me to share all that had gone wrong on the tournament grounds. The presentations were not very imaginative; the scorekeepers were curt and unprofessional; stations were too far apart and the whole general atmosphere of the tournament was generally unpleasant. When I inquired about his shooting over the past two days, his response clearly illuminated the underlying force behind the rant........


This Sporting Clays Article was previously published in Sporting Clays Magazine by Dan Schindler in February 2004.

The Paragon School of Sporting is now making available the remainder of this article as well as numerous others, available for download on The Paragon School of Sporting Web. Cheap MLB Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys
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