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This disease is considered to be hereditary which means
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This disease is considered to be hereditary which means
Different Levels & Their Uses Different Levels & Their Uses February 20 Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Free Shipping , 2014 | Author: Carey Bourdier | Posted in Education
In general, a level is a device that is used to establish a horizontal plane. This can be useful in many different endeavors from simple household tasks to building skyscrapers to surveying. There are several different kinds of levels, and each one has been designed for a specific purpose.

There are different categories of levels and one of the most commonly seen is the spirit level. Under the guise of spirit levels, there are many different types and each serves a specific purpose. The most common type of household level would be the torpedo level, and most of us have one of these long levels which have a liquid-filled vial in the center. Torpedo levels are used to hang a shelf or perhaps a picture, and carpenters use them for all types of construction. Stonemasons use a variant of the spirit level known as a mason’s level to properly install bricks and masonry. When building a fence, one should use a post level to ensure that all of the posts are properly installed.

When even more precise measurements and leveling are required, one can use a precision frame level, which is a type of spirit level that is built in a square shape with a vial along the bottom, prismatic sides and usually insulating handles. This level is used to adjust or check vertical and horizontal surfaces.

While all spirit levels are so named because the liquid in the level vial contains spirits or rather ethanol, not all levels are cylindrical. The bull’s eye spirit level is circular and resembles its namesake Cheap Soccer Jerseys China Wholesale , a bull’s eye. These are used in surveying equipment, such as a theodolite, as well as in compasses and sometimes on tripods. Carpenters also use bull’s eye levels, as well. The advantage of this type of spirit level is that works in two dimensions unlike most spirit levels which work in one only.

Surveyors for hundreds of years have needed to use levels to gather information about topography. In the 1870s, astronomer and inventor William Abney created the Abney level to aid in the measurement of elevation and landform grade. This topographic level includes a protractor and sighting tube, as well as a precise spirit level that is movable.

Yet another type of level is the laser level, which is often used by engineers when they design and build precise machinery for all types of equipment. Obviously, these levels must be perfectly precise as even tiny anomalies can cause massive problems in production of many products. Simpler forms of laser levels are used in construction, and you can even purchase them at the local hardware store for home use.

Carey Bourdier enjoys writing reviews on precision scientific instruments. For more information about different types of levels such as a precision frame spirit level, or to find more information about instrument calibration services, go to the Warren Knight website now.

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